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Community Outreach

With our community outreaches, we empower various hurting communities in the further rural areas of Uganda. Join us and help create lasting impacts.

Donate Clothes and Shoes

Donating a cloth or a shoe greatly impacts one or two children under our care. At ABBA , we believe that it doesnt take much to empower lives, it could just one or two pieces of clothes, these we treasure alot for it is better to have a little than to have nothing. Be encouraged and particiate in donating clothes and shoes to our children.

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Donate Sanitary Pads/Keep A Girl-Child In School

Many of our girls both at at the center and remote schools we do our outreaches at lack out on sanitary materials, as a result many have dropped out of school as they can no longer stand the shame and bully from school/classmates. This inturn has led many to go in for early marriages thus promoting early child pregnancies. Through the establishment of “Keep A Girl Child In School” campaigns in schools we reach out to, we have been in position to educate teenage and adolescent girls about sex education and as well donate these sanitary materials as a way to empower them. Be part of this campaign by simply donating sanitary materials, or in cash rating to 1 USD which is 3,600 UGX and in position to purchase a pair..

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Donate Scholastic Materials

Many of the children under our care both at the orphanage and in the external program are on-going school children whose education costs are most times demanding, ranging from school fees to scholastic materials. Be a transformation agent by donating books, pens, pencils, crayons, school fees for 1 or 2 children today.

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Donate A Vehicle for School Transportation/Outreaches.

With this van, we are going to be in position to transporting our children to and from school, this in turn will enable them not to travel long distances and avoiding risks of long journeys.

The vehicle will also help out on the outreach team that frequents to the villages in which we reach out to.

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